Our Group’s Objectives

Our objectives are to connect & empower women, by bringing us together. We desire face-to-face conversations, to build a new sense of community with role models, to grow a fun & vibrant life for our futures, by coming together!

Women mentor & lead each other as they strengthen & grow. We are women building resilience together.

About Our Group’s Purpose

Moving Forward℠ for Widows is not grief support, but journeying together in community. Women at any stage (from grief to growth) are invited to join us.

This is an opportunity to listen to the thoughts of others. Examine your own thinking. Connect with others.  It’s the mix of the group that fosters courage, new strength, & fun!

National Organizations

A commitment to a better way to support widows
is a growing synergy of two national groups:

  1. Modern Widows Club® (MWC), and
  2. Financial Transitionist Institute® (FTI).

Both groups have a shared understanding for:

  1. the need to keep widows safe when their most vulnerable, and
  2. encouraging women as they get stronger.

Visit ModernWidowsClub.com to learn how they “empower widows to learn into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society.”

Financial Transitionist Institute® is a movement of experienced financial planners trained to focus on the human experience of adapting to change.  CeFT®s know that when life changes, money changes.

This is financial work based on the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of change.  It’s more than a caring heart and listening ears. This work creates science-based, field-tested tools and protocols to promote good decision making within the context of one’s financial realities. A good life comes from good decisions on a daily basis. 

Joining Our Community

Come join us! Take some time to meet our community & make a connection.
Contact us to find out when out next meetup is. We hope to see you there!

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