• Widows Mentoring Widows

    Widows Work Together to build resilience,
    with the quiet support of trained professionals.

Our Social Group

We are “Moving Forward℠” with clarity, confidence, & control.

You are Not alone!Moving Forward℠” is an intentional community for widows regaining their future (with clarity, confidence, & control).

As a participant, you will be in community with women who are at different stages of “Moving Forward℠” in life’s flow.

We learn from each other & we help each other. Our group participates in the curriculum of Carolyn Moor, founder of Modern Widows Club®, (a national organization for widows with the intention of empowering widows to learn into life, build resilience & make a positive difference in society).

Moving Forward, sealGo Fearlessly Into the Future,
& Have Fun Doing it!

About Us

Moving Forward℠ for Widows is a national curriculum for growth, delivered through social media and administered in a supportive, local group.

It’s for new widows to strengthen and seasoned widows to mentor, quietly supported by trained professionals.

We are experienced, certified financial professionals trained in navigating life transitions.

We are committed to widows need to move forward.

You should also know…

Fourteen million (that’s 14,000,000) U.S. women are widows:

  • 66% are over age 65, which means
  • 34% are under age 65.

The average age of a widow in the U.S. is 59.
(2011 US Census Bureau)

You Are Not Alone!

Moving Forward℠, together

Build community & connection during our social gatherings! Also, each time we meet at our events, participants have an opportunity to ask for help. (These requests may address basic quandaries, practical problems, or deeper issues of different complexities.)

The point is, you are not alone; you have a community of intentional friends with us!


Curriculum: monthly topics relevant for widows, by widows, from a skilled & expert source.

Safe & Sales-free

Explore light (& heavy) topics with invited-only experts, in a safe & commercial-free environment.


The Power of Peers! We are stronger together. Come out & meet great people in the world.


Gain perspective from different life vantage-points! Learn what’s next in life, & also what’s new.


This is the time to expand your world! We want to drive new friendships, in different circles.


Build the energy & motivation to become social! Build your interests in your new community.

About Our Group’s Purpose

Moving Forward℠ for Widows is not grief support, but journeying together in community. Widows at any stage (from grief to growth) are invited to join us.

This is an opportunity to listen to the thoughts of others. Examine your own thinking. Connect with others.  It’s the mix of the group that fosters courage, new strength, & fun!

Our Group’s Objectives

Our objectives are to connect & empower women, by bringing us together. We desire face-to-face conversations, to build a new sense of community with role models, to grow a fun & vibrant life for our futures, by coming together!

Women mentor & lead each other as they strengthen & grow. We are women building resilience together.

Joining Our Community

Come join us! Take some time to meet our community & make a connection.
Contact us to find out when out next meetup is. We hope to see you there!

Come to our Next Event!