About Our Group

We see the power that widow to widow mentoring can bring to women.

It’s a safe place, space and time where women can explore “What’s next?”

Come and visit one of our monthly gatherings!
Join our efforts to help women reclaim their life vision.

Our Group’s Objectives

Our objectives are to connect & empower women, by bringing us together. We desire face-to-face conversations, to build a new sense of community with role models, to grow a fun & vibrant life for our futures, by coming together!

Women mentor & lead each other as they strengthen & grow. We are women building resilience together.

We Share

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher” Oprah

“I fill my inward thoughts and outward actions with love, compassion, and positivity to myself and the circle around me. I am a woman who, because of my scars and experiences, desires to show my fellow wisters they are not alone in this journey of life and discovery. There is strength in the struggle. We can emerge and blossom into beautifully strong and courageous women that will give hope to those who need it.

Much sisterly love, Jenn Fortune, Chapter Leader, Southern Illinois Chapter.

About Our 2020 Leadership Team

Rochester women have come forward to move us towards a Modern Widows Club chapter. They know the path having lost their spouses from 2 to 6 years. They understand the missing links between deep grief groups and independent life.

They appreciate the power that “widow to widow, women to women mentoring” can bring to each other and our community.

We give, We get, We grow, We go!

Modern Widows Club is a Community of Survivors & Thrivers!

The “Modern Widow” is different because she believes every widow in the world has the potential to be empowered through grief. Education, awareness, advocacy, mentoring, and leadership are vital to creating a powerful experience.

Members meet other widows who are no longer just surviving, they are thriving. This social mentoring becomes the catalyst for her growth in the next stage of life.

Since 2011, we’ve increased widow research and ensured projects on local, national, and global platforms. In January 2020, we are especially proud of our 31 Chapters in the US and international efforts in Kenya and Costa Rica. We look forward to including Rochester, NY to our sisterhood.

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Joining Our Community

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