Let’s do the Work

There is power in small groups who meet regularly to support and encourage.  These groups build collective resilience. Community gives us the strength that we sometimes can’t find on our own.

We find our humanity, our will to live, and our ability to love.  Our connection to a life gone disrupts our sense of community.  A new community builds connection again.

As we start Moving Forward, we, the ambassadors, offer our space and resources for this important work.

  1. We have experience, training, and philosophy as reflected in our certifications.  We support this work with established science-based skills and process.
  2. We are committed to this specific, special work.
  3. We are connected to the community to help develop widows develop the practical life resources.

Joining Our Community

Come join us! Take some time to meet our community & make a connection.
Contact us to find out when out next meetup is. We hope to see you there!

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