We Strive To Thrive

There is power in small groups who meet regularly to support and encourage.  These groups build collective resilience. Community gives us the strength that we sometimes can’t find on our own.

We find our humanity, our will to live, and our ability to love.  Our connection to a life gone disrupts our sense of community.  A new community builds connections again.

Each month we have a topic digitally presented by Carolyn Moor. It’s look forward, thinking ahead. We discuss what ideas might resonate for us. We hear how others think. We consider new possibilities. It’s a thoughtful, meaningful conversation. We end our session with “S-O-S”: Suggestions and Solutions where you can toss out a need, a problem or issue. “I live in Penfield and I need a snow removal system. I need a yard service. I lost all my passwords…where can I take my computer ? We look for reliable services that are safe to come to your home. We build contacts. We build skills. We build confidence.

We plan other events throughout the month…try new food locations, meet for coffee klatches, take in a movie, community outings…We’re game to try new things!!!

Joining Our Community

Come join us! Take some time to meet our community & make a connection.
Contact us to find out when out next meetup is. We hope to see you there!

Come to our Next Event!