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Building Community After Loss

Building Community After Loss

It was three years of medical treatment before Bob passed.  “I was relieved when he was finally gone and out of his misery.  I, however, have a new misery.”

Maggie found Moving Forward at the persistent urging of a relative. Early in her grief, she is quiet in some discussions and active in others.  She watches the other women with great intensity as if trying to figure out what makes them tick.

Maggie reported that she is lucky she has several groups of friends who are attentive and inclusive.  The couples’ friends are a tight-knit group of lifetime friends who give her loving support.  It’s sometimes difficult for her to be reminded of what she’s missing. 

Her long-standing women’s golf league friends are well connected and thoughtful.  However, they are all busy with their own family lives of husbands and children outside of golf and lunch. 

Holidays and Sundays are her hardest times when women are busy with family events.

Maggie’s conclusion is she also needs a group of single women friends who are available for activity and companionship.  She wants to be in a circle that’s growing with new people and new ideas. 

“It would be pretty easy to nestle in my existing world and think I’m lucky.”  I need to learn so much.  I thank my cousin for nagging me to come.  This group can expose me to new thinking, share new experiences and cheer me on.  It warms me to think I may be doing this for others.”

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