How Does Resilience Work?

How does resilience work

How Does Resilience Work…As presented by Diane Coutu, Harvard Business Review

What is the quality of resilience that carries people through life?  Why do some people buckle under pressure and what makes others bend and ultimately bounce back?

Resilient people possess three defining characteristics:

They coolly accept the harsh realities facing them. Facing down reality is taking a sober, down-to-earth view of the reality of your situation. It’s often gruelling and emotional work.  You prepare yourself to act in ways that enable you to endure.

Find meaning and purpose is the connector between your present-day ordeal and fuller, future life. Resist the impulse to sink into the circumstance.  A commitment to something bigger than yourself will make the present manageable and removing the sense that the present is overwhelming. Strong values and beliefs are the steel that builds your bridges. These ideas give direction, keep the focus and fuel the next steps.   Again, this is more introspective, emotional and maybe gruelling work.

Resilient people have an ability to improvise, making do with whatever is at hand. 

The wisdom from many sources, “Just begin”.  It’s adjusting your actions until they take root. The roots come from the strength of your values and beliefs.  Having a clear and strong sense of you is the compass.

Resilience is a way of facing and understanding the world, that is deeply etched into a person’s mind and soul.   Resilient people face reality with staunchness, make meaning of hardship and improvise solutions from thin error. The choice:  resilience or despair.

Wisters:  You can learn to be resilient.  You can strengthen your resilience.  You don’t have to do this alone.  A core purpose of Moving Forward / Modern Widows Club is to help with skills and ideas, building your resilience.  Let us work together.  “Moving Forward while reaching back.”

See other Wister Talks on the 10 factors of Resilience by Souhtwick and Charney.  This book is among Carolyn Moor’s favorite because the ideas are evidence-based and powerful.  Eight factors need to be addressed within you.  Two factors require others.  We are among your others.  More to come.

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