How to Find Your Community?

How to find your community’s a natural stage of life for women.  It’s estimated that easily 70% of Boomer women will outlive their partners. We intellectually and academically know this but it’s a major life change for which we cannot prepare.  It’s a process that is lived.

How do we help each other go through widowhood in a healthy way?    There is a reordering that happens of every facet of life.  It’s living life with a new identity after partnership. 

Today’s message is about finding resources from knowledgeable sources.  The best resource:  other widows who are further down the path.  Communities offer early grief support through the loving efforts of churches, clinics, social services.  When widows outgrow that initial stage of deep grief they need to move from the intensity of the group and the inflow of new widows. 

They look to find their way with the dull roar of their heart and the multitude of emotional, social and practical needs of this new life.  And that’s where community efforts stop.  Friends, family go back to their own, busy lives.  Community focuses on those with the greatest needs.  Maybe a few women find each other.

Modern Widows Club is a national non-profit organization started in 2011 by Carolyn Moor. (See and Facebook page:  Modern Widows Club.  It is an internet-based program supported by local chapters.  Currently (2019) there are 22 chapters in the US.  And we’d like to have a chapter in Rochester, NY.  Our introductory effort is explained on and Facebook page:  Moving Forward for Widows

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