Moving Forward Money Camp

Wisters Money Camp

Our Rochester Moving Forward Community Project

“When life changes, money changes and when money changes, life changes.” ~ Susan Bradley, Sudden Money Institute

Widow sisters (Wisters) report fear, confusion and uncertainty about changing money dynamics. Understanding your financial realities is an element towards your confidence.

Our Money Camp is an opportunity for women in all stages of Widowhood to come together and learn about money and finances in a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Money conversations are hard…let’s have them in a community of your fellow Wisters. 

Our Rochester Moving Forward Community Project is a series of money discussions.
This series is offered each spring and fall. We know widowhood just keeps happening.  

Our objective is to provide exposure and experiences with money vocabulary, concepts and issues. 

Our goal is to empower you to have meaningful conversations with your money advisors, with basic understanding and comfort.

Our Money Conversations Run at Three Levels:

Wisters Newbie Camper

We talk about the unique psychology of women and money. 

Wisters Novice Camper

This is a checklist of life money skills, needed documents and organizing systems. 

Wisters Savvy Camper

Know how the stock market works…in 18 words!

You can attend one event, or all of the events.  

Hosted by: Kathleen Roth, (authorized “Modern Widows Club” advisor; Waterstone Financial Services)

Location: Waterstone Offices, 10 Office Park Way, STE 500, Pittsford, NY (quiet location; easy parking)

Time:  Saturdays,  9 to 11:30 am

Cost: $10/class; to benefit The House of Mercy 

RSVP:   586-5641

Hosted for widows of all ages and stages 


Our Commitment

Moving Forward/Modern Widows Club is a safe place, space, and time to think, learn, strengthen. You have our assurance that this is a non-commercial, neutral learning experience.




Joining Our Community

Come join us! Take some time to meet our community & make a connection.
Contact us to find out when out next meetup is. We hope to see you there!

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