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What a Team

What a Team

Veronica and her husband built a small professional practice. He was the skill implementor and she was the administrator.  They shared and enjoyed all aspects of their chosen work.

It was purposeful and contributing, intellectually stimulating, emotionally gratifying, financial rewarding (enough), flexible for their family life.  Now in their 60s with children grown, the plan was to slowly ease back over time, reduce the number of days each week, take increasing weeks of sabbatical and travel.

Then he was diagnosed with cancer…and the treatment did not work.

Veronica describes this as the trifecta of loss.  She lost her life partner, her work, her vision of the future.  She realized her social life revolved around their clients, other professionals, parents of their children’s friends.  In living her good life, she did not have a circle of friends independent of work and family. 

AND she knew she needed to find circles that will help her create a new life from scratch.

She wandered into Moving Forward, our prelude to a Modern Widows Club chapter in Rochester from a MeetUp announcement. “ I know I need to be proactive, no matter how hard.”

“I appreciate the forward-looking focus of the monthly discussions.  I view women attending as like-minded sisters.  They are different ages and stages but they know the struggle.” 

After a few sessions, I appreciate the warm welcome, the forward-thinking topics and the different perspectives.  These women help me think! I need this group. “

At the end of one gathering, Veronica beamed at our growing band of women.  “I don’t know you all very well yet, but I will be hugging you soon!”

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