What is a Wister?

What is a wister

Widowhood is a natural stage of life for women.

The descriptor is “widow”. It evokes the sadness and confusion of losing one’s partner and the description lasts her lifetime. We are thankful that the cultural customs of a prolonged wardrobe of black is not a requirement.  (It has become a choice if you live in NYC!  A little levity for the topic!)

We know that women-helping-women, widow-mentoring-widow is an effective way, in fact, a necessary tool to help women build resilience and to grow back into her own life.

They are a community who understands in a way that the outsiders only observe and guess.  They need to see themselves in a new light with new potential.  So they need a new term within their circle.   We look for a gentler, more friendly, dare we say, more fun word that helps them take the challenge together over time.   

Women helping women….There are studies that indicate it reduces stress. Good things happen.  Nurturing, role modeling, energy increases. Accountability heightens. Purposefulness can be set into motion.  It’s all good and it can happen among the Wisters.  Become one who is moving forward while giving back.  It can become a lifetime community of caring and good work.

Modern Widows Club (MWC) is the heart of the wisterhood. Carolyn Moor, founder of the wisterhood shares ideas in her monthly discussions.  Our local group, Moving Forward, prelude to a MWC chapter meets monthly to process ideas of possibilities. Visit MovingForward.pro as in proactive!  progress! for our local work.  Visit ModernWidowsClub.com and Modern Widows Club on Facebook for a larger community.

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