When Women Help Women

When women help women

7 things happen when women connect

  1. It removes stress.  Talk makes things better.  You organize your mind so that a flow of specific words come out.  Someone else is aware when you struggle.  You are not alone.
  2. Accountability happens.  You hear yourself talk.  An action path starts to appear. It’s declared.  AND she/they (your tribe) wants to know are you walking it.
  3. Speak the truth. Hear the truth.  Women are lovingly brutal.  Don’t jive the girlfriends.
  4. It is women’s nature to nurture.  Allow it to happen to you.
  5. Build your support system.  Show up for your friends. Help them do their inner work as you do yours.
  6. Life’s longevity is going need infrastructure.  It’s your busy family on their own paths.   It’s longtime friends and new friends who keep life together and interesting. Make room for an expanding life infrastructure of people. 
  7. Purposefulness   It’s necessary for your wellbeing.  It’s needed to advance the world.  Let’s not mimic the old Miss America’s goal of “world peace”.  Let’s get out there and make our community a better place.  Be part of a bigger world.  Talk is cheap.  Action is priceless!

Teamwork is dream work!  Have a dream.  Share a dream.

The work of Financial Transitionist is to makes life transitions less stressful, more productive with the goal of a more confident outcome. This experience provides a process and tools to help structure ideas and decisions for a strong future. 

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