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Your Wisters are Here to Help

Your Wisters are here to help

During her first winter alone, Barbara went to visit her sister and husband in California for several weeks.  Knowing she was returning, I emailed her to ask about her trip.

She promptly emailed back that the trip was a good boost but she caught a bug on the plane and was miserable.  “I am dragging myself out the door for groceries.  There’s nothing here!”

“Wait!  I will get you comfort food, leave it on your doorstep, ring the doorbell and run!  You might be contagious!”  Too late!  She was gone.

At our next Moving Forward gathering, I asked about her illness.  She recounted the story. She was really sick but she didn’t want to be a bother.  She is saving her neighbour goodwill capital when something really important comes up. 

Another member of our group listened intently with a frown.  “I live near you.  If that ever happens again, you WILL call me.  I know what it’s like to be sick and home alone.  It’s horrible. I know this struggle and I can do this when it’s needed.  Pinky promise!” 

There is indeed a Wisterhood….Widow sisters connected by understanding..

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